The lie the media tell/sells us

The media would like us to believe that the images they show us are what we should strive to be. The truth is that they leave out the truth. You see what we see has been altered, and manipulated to look perfect. Something no human on this earth is meant to be. So I ask you to take a close look at the next commercial that comes on your TV and ask yourself 1. Are they wearing makeup 2. Have they been slimmed down to look smaller than they are 3. Do I really want a marketing campaign to define how I feel about me? In a world of make believe the truth lies with not what you see on TV but what you see in your families, your schools, on the street, and in your mirror. See those are the true beauties of the world because those just so  happen to be Real Beauty.   

Prettie Girl media bias example

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Prettie Girl reflects on (The Real effects of bullying)

The need that a bully has for power in the moment that they are bullying most often out ways any concern for the one they are bullying. All they are thinking about is the gratification they are receiving for making someone feel less than they actually feel about themselves. This is why it is so important for everyone to get involved to stop a bully and uplift the person they are tormenting. When we say nothing we leave the person bullied with all the hurt feelings and emotions they experienced during this traumatic encounter. They are left playing those mean words over and over in their minds until apart of them start to believe it. If the bullying persist they are continuously put in a position where the trauma becomes a regular event that they can no longer deal with. Too often many have taken their own lives because they see no way out. So I ask you, if there was something you could do would you save a life? #SPEAKUP #SPEAKOUT #STOPBULLYING #SAVEALIFE

Prettie Girl effects of bully

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