Prettie Girl reflects on (The Real effects of bullying)

The need that a bully has for power in the moment that they are bullying most often out ways any concern for the one they are bullying. All they are thinking about is the gratification they are receiving for making someone feel less than they actually feel about themselves. This is why it is so important for everyone to get involved to stop a bully and uplift the person they are tormenting. When we say nothing we leave the person bullied with all the hurt feelings and emotions they experienced during this traumatic encounter. They are left playing those mean words over and over in their minds until apart of them start to believe it. If the bullying persist they are continuously put in a position where the trauma becomes a regular event that they can no longer deal with. Too often many have taken their own lives because they see no way out. So I ask you, if there was something you could do would you save a life? #SPEAKUP #SPEAKOUT #STOPBULLYING #SAVEALIFE

Prettie Girl effects of bully

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Prettie Girl says “Don’t Be the reason” (Stop bullying)

Hey Kid- It is so true that we have no idea what someone is going through when we encounter them on a day to day basis. I don’t believe that just because someone bullies that means they are evil to their core. More than not it is happening because Hurt people Hurt people. However, when it is all said and done do you really want to be the reason that someone you decided to bully takes their own life. Well you better think about it because kids are killing themselves because those who were hurting decided to take it out on an innocent person. Ask yourself will you be able to live with you if someone dies because of you? Signed a Prettie Girl concerned!

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The Power of Words

A lot of us grew up singing the old song ” Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”. This was our defense to being bullied. However, we now know and understand that the names and words kids say to one another not only hurt but can destroy a girl’s self-esteem. Words are powerful and can cause a darkness that leaves a child feeling hopeless. Prettie Girl™ wants to spread the word that just as a hurtful word can destroy self-esteem positive words can uplift self-esteem. Say something positive to someone today. #stopbullying #postivewords #selfesteem.Prettie Girl importance of words post

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