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Have you ever met someone and it was obvious they had no clue who they were? I wonder if this was the reason hmmmm?


Lisa Guice shares her self-esteem building tips

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be featured on KFNX 1100 am independent talk radio today. Host Carol Farabee and I will discuss Whats new in 2015 for Prettie Girl. I will also share with the audience “Ways you can use your influence to boost your Prettie Girl’s self-esteem. Please join us today for this can’t miss informative segment on KFNX 1100 am from 3-4pm.

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Girls what are you feeding your mind?

Just as the old saying goes “You are what you eat”, the same can be said about what we watch. What we feed our minds will determine and shape what we think and feel. If we only watch programs that are centered around fighting and backstabbing other girls than it will destroy any thought of sisterhood amongst us girls. If everything we see on tv is about the way we should look, what we should have or how we should behave. We are opening ourselves to the world’s perception of who we should be by planting those images into our subconscious all to come out and torment us at any given insecure moment . It is not realistic to believe that we can stop watching tv especially cold turkey. However, why don’t we make a pact that from this day forward  for every hour we watch tv we will follow it up with a positive affirmation about ourselves. I AM capable of accomplishing my dreams!

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Why every girl should believe she is Flawlessly Made!

Prettie Girl I am flawlessly Made postcard

Prettie Girl is here to debunk the world’s definition of your girl’s beauty™

*This is an event where your girl will learn how to love herself, flaws and all.

* We have specifically designed activities to help your Prettie Girl realize that what the world calls her flaws are really what makes her unique, original and shine.

* In addition on this day each girl will have the opportunity to be featured in our I am Flawlessly Made Campaign #astarisborn

January 24, 2015 12-4pm (7-12yrs)

February 28th, 2015 12-4pm (13-15yrs)


Tumbleweed parks n rec center

745 Germann Rd Chandler AZ

(Note :tumbleweed requires a separate small registration fee when you register,

Instructor and supply fee not due until day of workshop).


* To redeem our special offer listed on the card you must send us confirmation of your registration through our website contact us page

(any question call Lisa Guice 480-257-4475)

How “I AM” statements can Empower us.

When we allow positive words to leave our mouths we have just started a chain reaction. This is because what we put out comes back to us. We need to understand that the statement “words have power” doesn’t just cover negative words, it includes positive words as well. “I am” means that we are creating what we are or what we strive to be. It’s a power statement. We should be screaming “I am” statements every chance we get. We must Speak our dreams and the desires of our hearts as if they are already in existence. Taking advantage of the power we have within will catapult our lives in the direction we want. Think of it this way ,we have a secret weapon that allows us to be successful, happy, and complete in life and nobody knows we are using it!  “I AM” 

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How our words can impact our destiny!

We girls may not realize that every word that we speak has power. The question we must ask ourselves is do we want to use that power for the negative or positive. It’s actually very simple. If we say I never succeed at anything I try we are probably right. Not because we are not capable of succeeding but because we have already spoke non success over our lives. We have planted our own seed of failure and we didn’t even know it. Once the negative words are spoken everything we do from that point on will be approached with tainted effort. Most importantly we will now have built up a case of examples of things we have failed at to support our original thought. So our challenge today is that from this day forward make an effort to change what we allow to come out of our mouths. Even if we think something negative do not allow it to cross our lips. Let the words that come out of our mouths be the opposite of that negative thought. Once we do this we will begin to see a change in they way we feel about ourselves and recognize that we are powerful and can guide our lives with what speak. So let’s start manifesting the life we want instead of a life we have created and now hate. Get every morning started with an I AM statement (I will go first)! I AM a magnet for positive things (this statement is calling positive things to me). #iam #manifestingmydestiny #powerinmywords

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The lie the media tell/sells us

The media would like us to believe that the images they show us are what we should strive to be. The truth is that they leave out the truth. You see what we see has been altered, and manipulated to look perfect. Something no human on this earth is meant to be. So I ask you to take a close look at the next commercial that comes on your TV and ask yourself 1. Are they wearing makeup 2. Have they been slimmed down to look smaller than they are 3. Do I really want a marketing campaign to define how I feel about me? In a world of make believe the truth lies with not what you see on TV but what you see in your families, your schools, on the street, and in your mirror. See those are the true beauties of the world because those just so  happen to be Real Beauty.   

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Prettie Girl reflects on (The Real effects of bullying)

The need that a bully has for power in the moment that they are bullying most often out ways any concern for the one they are bullying. All they are thinking about is the gratification they are receiving for making someone feel less than they actually feel about themselves. This is why it is so important for everyone to get involved to stop a bully and uplift the person they are tormenting. When we say nothing we leave the person bullied with all the hurt feelings and emotions they experienced during this traumatic encounter. They are left playing those mean words over and over in their minds until apart of them start to believe it. If the bullying persist they are continuously put in a position where the trauma becomes a regular event that they can no longer deal with. Too often many have taken their own lives because they see no way out. So I ask you, if there was something you could do would you save a life? #SPEAKUP #SPEAKOUT #STOPBULLYING #SAVEALIFE

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Prettie Girl says “Don’t Be the reason” (Stop bullying)

Hey Kid- It is so true that we have no idea what someone is going through when we encounter them on a day to day basis. I don’t believe that just because someone bullies that means they are evil to their core. More than not it is happening because Hurt people Hurt people. However, when it is all said and done do you really want to be the reason that someone you decided to bully takes their own life. Well you better think about it because kids are killing themselves because those who were hurting decided to take it out on an innocent person. Ask yourself will you be able to live with you if someone dies because of you? Signed a Prettie Girl concerned!

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