The Power of Words

A lot of us grew up singing the old song ” Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”. This was our defense to being bullied. However, we now know and understand that the names and words kids say to one another not only hurt but can destroy a girl’s self-esteem. Words are powerful and can cause a darkness that leaves a child feeling hopeless. Prettie Girl™ wants to spread the word that just as a hurtful word can destroy self-esteem positive words can uplift self-esteem. Say something positive to someone today. #stopbullying #postivewords #selfesteem.Prettie Girl importance of words post

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What a girl should wear!

confidence                                                                                                        Sometimes the best thing you can do is surround yourself with who you want to be until you become it !

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Perfectly Unperfect

unperfectNo one is perfect and we all have things about ourselves that we would like to change. If we change the way we see these things we will free our minds to the possibility that the thing we call an imperfection is apart of what makes us who we are.

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I am Flawlessly Made™

Acceptance of ourselves is what we all desire. Unfortunately we girls have been made to believe that we must change ourselves in order to accomplish this. That is why we created a t-shirts that tells the world “We will not buy in to its definition of our beauty™”. Reserve your empowering t-shirt now, but you don’t pay until our campaign has ended (15 days left). Reserve now at #flawless, #empower, #selflove, #girlscan, #hellobeautiful, #beauty, #pretty (A portion of the proceeds will be used to sponsor girls at Prettie Girl self-esteem building workshops made tshirt pics

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