How our words can impact our destiny!

We girls may not realize that every word that we speak has power. The question we must ask ourselves is do we want to use that power for the negative or positive. It’s actually very simple. If we say I never succeed at anything I try we are probably right. Not because we are not capable of succeeding but because we have already spoke non success over our lives. We have planted our own seed of failure and we didn’t even know it. Once the negative words are spoken everything we do from that point on will be approached with tainted effort. Most importantly we will now have built up a case of examples of things we have failed at to support our original thought. So our challenge today is that from this day forward make an effort to change what we allow to come out of our mouths. Even if we think something negative do not allow it to cross our lips. Let the words that come out of our mouths be the opposite of that negative thought. Once we do this we will begin to see a change in they way we feel about ourselves and recognize that we are powerful and can guide our lives with what speak. So let’s start manifesting the life we want instead of a life we have created and now hate. Get every morning started with an I AM statement (I will go first)! I AM a magnet for positive things (this statement is calling positive things to me). #iam #manifestingmydestiny #powerinmywords

Prettie Girl i am picture Share your I AM statement.

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