Girls what are you feeding your mind?

Just as the old saying goes “You are what you eat”, the same can be said about what we watch. What we feed our minds will determine and shape what we think and feel. If we only watch programs that are centered around fighting and backstabbing other girls than it will destroy any thought of sisterhood amongst us girls. If everything we see on tv is about the way we should look, what we should have or how we should behave. We are opening ourselves to the world’s perception of who we should be by planting those images into our subconscious all to come out and torment us at any given insecure moment . It is not realistic to believe that we can stop watching tv especially cold turkey. However, why don’t we make a pact that from this day forward  for every hour we watch tv we will follow it up with a positive affirmation about ourselves. I AM capable of accomplishing my dreams!

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